White Hall Volunteer Fire Department

Madison County, Kentucky

The White Hall Fire Volunteer Fire Department (license # 0937) invites you to join us on Friday nights at the Jack Pot Charity Bingo Hall (3183 Irvine Rd, Richmond Ky 40475) for our weekly Bingo sessions. The bingo hall's number is (859) 369-7923.

We start selling E-Pull tabs at 2:30 and regular pull tabs at 6:00pm and games start at 7:00pm

Early Games
worth up to $100.00
Main Games
worth up to $200.00
Jackpot Coverall
worth up to $1,000.00
Jackpot Coverall Runner-up
worth up to $300.00

Pull Tabs offered throughout the night
Possible winnings worth up to $599.00!


Would you like to help our Bingo Fundraiser? Fill out the information below and someone will contact you!